National robot competition kicks off

Kathmandu, January 13:

Prof Dr Home Nath Bhattarai, Vice-chancellor of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), today inaugurated the ‘National Robot Competition-2007’ organised by the Robotic club of the Pulchowk Engineering Campus at the covered hall of Dhasarath stadium.

Inaugurating the competition, Dr Bhattarai said: “Education should be made more useful and applicable to our lives so as to make people skilful.”

Stressing on the importance of Science and Technology, he said: “Work comes first in science and the theory is formulated later on.

“Therefore, one should develop the technology that suits geographical features of the country and only after that one should indulge the theory,” he said.

Mahadev Pant, a student from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Pulchwok Campus, said: “This kind of competition helps to find out whether Nepal is ready to be a country of rich technology or not.” “Since we have already participated in international competitions, too, this competition can be the ground to share those experiences with other participants,” he said.

The competition was held under the aegis of “Robocup Nepal 2006: Mission Everest” where the organisers have managed an area of 90 square metres to symbolise the Mt Everest. Robotics Club, Pulchwok Campus, has been organising the robot competition since 2004.

Robocup Nepal 2006: Mission Everest is the continuation of Robo-Soccer 2004 and Robo-Shooter 2005.