Naya Basti-Kuleshwor area in Kathmandu sealed as yet another coronavirus case appears

KATHMANDU: Authorities have decided to seal the Naya Basti-Kuleshwor area of Kathmandu Metropolitan City-14 after yet another Covid-19 case came to light on Monday.

This is the sixth Covid case detected in the ward in recent days, informed Shova Sapkota, ward chair of KMC-14.

The person who was tested positive for the disease on Saturday however, had not informed anyone and had stayed at home.

After the case came to the fore, the ward office sent him to the the hospital and his family and neighbours to Teku for testing, Chair Sapkota added.

The ward decided to seal the area and suspend all services except emergency ones including pharmacy and groceries.

It has also been decided that all services provided by the ward will be suspended for the time being, fearing the spread of the virus.