NBA chairman’s demand on talks

Kathmandu, May 30:

Chairman of the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) Shambhu Thapa today demanded that both the seven-party alliance and the Maoists agree to let the civil society monitor the talks between the two sides to make them a success.

“Though the two talks teams have agreed upon a code of conduct, that is not enough to guarantee the success of the talks. It would be much better if they consulted the members of the civil society on the issue,” he said while addressing a programme at the Reporters’ Club.

He urged the government to restructure the National Human Right Commission, include in the body some people who echo the Maoists’ voice and make it the leader in monitoring the dialogue process.

“This time, even if the talks fail, we won’t let the Maoists return to the jungle,” he said.

Thapa said military mindset would not bring about political change but rather a strong political ideology would always trump a military stratergy.