NBA to facilitate talks between government and Madhesi parties

Kathmandu, June 18

Nepal Bar Association has stepped up its efforts to help the government and the agitating Madhesi parties resume talks.

NBA Chair Sher Bahadur KC said conclusion of the peace process and resolution of Madhes issues were crucial for successful implementation of the new constitution and hence the NBA, a leading civil society organisation, took the initiative to encourage both the sides to find a negotiated settlement of constitutional issues.

“We felt that the NBA, being a leading civil society organisation, should facilitate negotiation between the government and the agitating Madhesi forces,” KC said. The two sides have not held talks for last 7-8 months.

KC said the NBA had taken the initiative to facilitate resolution of complex issues and he wished that the lawyers’ umbrella body succeeded in its mission. The lawyers’ umbrella body had recently formed a talks facilitation committee under Senior Advocate Shambhu Thapa.

Other members of the nine-member committee include senior advocates Mahadev Yadav, Kamal Naryan Das, Bishnu Bhattarai, Upendra Keshari Neupane, Sabita Baral Bhandari and advocates Raman Kumar Shrestha, Satish Jha and Gyanendra Adhikari.

Committee member Raman Kumar Shrestha said the NBA realised that since no other civil society organisation was taking the initiative to facilitate talks between the government and the agitating Madhesi forces, the NBA should take the lead for the same.

“We had played an important role during 2006 popular movement. We had even defied prohibition imposed by the government. Now since talks are not taking place between the two sides, we must help both the sides to come to the negotiating table,” added Shrestha.