NC leader Gagan Thapa questions mercy on Dhungel

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress leader Gagan Thapa has expressed discontent over the release of murder-convict Balkrishna Dhungel, who was freed by the Sadar Khor today after being granted presidential pardon on recommendation of the government.

"Is 'good conduct' a fair enough reason to shower mercy on a person doing jail term for a serious criminal offence?' Thapa posted on his official Twitter account.

Furthermore, he blasted the government for taking a decision on a matter which is still under discussion in the courts. "The government has undermined the court's authority by making this recommendation. This is an out and out mockery of rule of law," Thapa elaborated.

गणतन्त्र दिवसमा ढुङ्गेल रिहा!

गम्भिर फौजदारी अभियोगमा दण्डित व्यक्ति जो अपराध स्वीकार्दैन बरु अदालतलाई चुनौती दिन्छ।के 'राम्रो आचरण'भनेर माफी दिन मिल्छ?अर्कोतर्फ अदालतमा छलफलरत विषयमा निर्णय गरेर सरकारले अदालतलाई हेपेको छ। यसले विधिको शासनको खिल्ली उडाएको छ।

— Gagan Thapa (@thapagk) May 29, 2018

Dhungel's release has invited mixed comments from various sections of the society, most of the comments against the favour of the government's decision to pardon him.

Dhungel along with 816 other prisoners from across the country were released on recommendation of the government for ‘good conduct’ on occasion of the 11th Republic Day. The Office of the President approved the government’s recommendation for mercy as per Article 276.