NC Prez Deuba appeals against engaging in any act of hatred

KATHMANDU: Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has called for inter-faith and inter-community harmony, urging all to not engage in any act of hatred against one-another during these trying times.

Issuing a statement today, the leader of main opposition made an appeal against any action that could hurt sentiments of various faiths and communities. "I request all communities, religious groups and regional groups to exercise restraint and show unity during these challenging times. We can get through the current crisis with each others' support and trust," Deuba said, against the backdrop of coronavirus crisis.

His statement comes at a time when a few people have been seen trying to give a communal angle to an event or raising suspicions targeting a group, without proper facts to support these unfounded accusation.

Deuba also urged the government to expand the limit of tests to identify those infected by the Coronavirus, while asking for the speedy procurement of medical equipments and adequate distribution of relief materials.