Need to adopt mediation in Legal Aid Act stressed

Kathmandu, February 2:

President of the Nepal Bar Association, Shambhu Thapa, today said the NBA has been asking the government to amend the Legal Aid Act 2054 BS to adopt reconciliation and mediation process while resolving legal disputes.

He also said there is an urgent need to amend the Appellate Court Regulation to adopt recently adopted principles in the justice system.

According to him, District Court Regulation has adopted the principle two years ago and that there is a need to adopt the recent practices in the justice sector.

“Developed countries have already adopted the principles in justice sector and underdeveloped country like Nepal should have to learn from them,” Thapa added.

He was speaking at a programme on Court Referred Appellate Mediation Workshop for Bar organised by the Nepal Bar Association.

In the programme, US Mediator, Robert C Randolph, NBA General Secretary Madhav Banskota, and Chief Of ARD rule of law Project Frederick Yeager, stressed the need to adopt the principles of reconciliation and mediation in justice sector to easily resolving disputes.