Nepal Association of the Blind (NAB) condemned the news report ‘Corrupts of the NAB threaten the reporters instead’ published in the recent issue of ‘Asal Shasan’ by Pro-Public organising a press conference here on Friday.

President of the association, Nar Bahadur Limbu was all the more concerned about the particular word ‘corrupts’ arguing that without the verdict of the Supreme Court no one has the right to label anybody as corrupt. He also accused the reporter Baburam Dhakal for writing without examining the facts.

Answering to queries of reporters, executive director of the association, Amrit Rai defended the heading of the interview published in his name saying that the report was previously published by ‘Haank’ vernacular weekly.

The heading reads, ‘If you are to write about ourselves please be careful….’ He denied saying that the words were not his and also informed that the reporter began with all negative questions as soon as he arrived here.

The report accused the association for spending about Rs 2 lakh only as taxi fare and also the president residing at the office of the association drawing money and showing the bill for taxi fare.

But president Limbu informed that being blind and using taxi is the only way to travel for different works of the association as there is no any other means except two motorbikes.

NAB is the only non-governmental organisation of the country to look after the welfare of its more than one thousand members spread across 22 districts whose yearly budget exceeds Rs 1 crore.

They have been misusing the sympathy shown to the disabled by using the donated sum of money given by a number of donors unreasonably writes the report.

Addressing the meet, general secretary of the association, Suresh Rajbhandari said that the report includes erroneous details of the association.