Nepal criticises NC, Maoists

Kathmandu, October 21:

CPN-UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal today came down heavily on both the Nepali Congress and the Maoists for “stalling the peace process by not softening down on their respective stances”.

He was speaking at a function in Bhaktapur today.

While NC has been insisting on giving the monarch a role, Maoists have been declining to give up arms before joining the interim government. Nepal also said that both the parties were going in opposite directions by insisting on what they are currently doing. He, however, reassured that elections to a constituent assembly could be held by April.

“Constituent Assembly elections will happen by April. No one can even think of stalling it,” Nepal said.

He said the king might have to abdicate the throne if the eight parties come to a consensus on going for a republican order.

“The king might have to abdicate the throne if there is consensus among the eight parties on going for a republic,” Nepal said. This is the first time Nepal has spoken so explicitly on what the eight parties could achieve if they come together on a political agenda.