Earthquake felt in Kathmandu Valley and adjoining districts

KATHMANDU: A light tremor was felt in the Kathmandu Valley and adjoining districts in the central Nepal on Sunday evening.

The National Seismological Centre said the seismic event was recorded at 10:57 pm*, listing it as an aftershock of the April 25, 2015 Nepal earthquake sequence.

The tremor was of local magnitude 4.6 with its epicentre in Sindhupalchok district, according to the NSC.

Its epicentre was between Panphung and Pantang, north of the district headquarters Chautara, with is coordinates 27.91° N, 85.77°E, according to the NSC.

The latest two significant aftershocks (of local magnitude 4.0 or above) were recorded in Dolakha district in the eastern Nepal in the morning of September 5. Before that the NSC had recorded an aftershock of local magnitude 4.1 on July 23.

*Time corrected