ML 4.6 tremor felt across western, central Nepal in wee hours

UPDATE 4:00 am: The National Seismological Centre has revised the epicentre of the ML 4.6 tremor, which was recorded at 1:07 am from Gorkha district to a bordering area between Nuwakot and Dhading districts.

The coordinates of the location where the aftershock of April 25 earthquake originated are given as 28.06°E, 85.09°N.

The place lies close to Salme of Nuwakot district.

ML 4.6 tremor hits Gorkha, felt across western, central Nepal

UPDATE 1:40 am: The National Seismological Centre said it recorded a light tremor of local magnitude 4.6 at 1:07 am in the wee hours of Friday.

The tremor has been listed as an aftershock of the Nepal earthquake, also called Gorkha earthquake, that hit Gorkha district of western Nepal on April 25.

The coordinates of the epicentre are given as 28.05°N, 85.05°E. The NSC's GoogleImager shows the location lies north of Kimtang.

Its shaking, which lasted for a few seconds, was felt across western and central Nepal, including the Kathmandu Valley, where many people woke up in the frigid, wee hours, anxiously.

The NSC records show that it was 427th significant aftershock of the April 25 earthquake.


Tremor felt in Kathmandu Valley at 1:08 am

KATHMANDU: A tremor was felt in the Kathmandu Valley at around 1:08 am.

Its magnitude and epicentre were immediately not known.

earthquake 1:08 am kathmandu

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Felt earthquake shock again ! And it's wake up call. Good Morning. #Nepal #Kathmandu

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After the devastating earthquake of local magnitude 7.6 that struck Nepal on April 25 last year, the National Seismological Centre had recorded as many as 426 aftershocks of local magnitude 4.0 or above till January 15

Two light aftershocks were recorded in Dolakha district of eastern Nepal on January 15.