Nepal's Bir hospital, CNN differ on reported surgery during chaos after April earthquake

CNN provided smartphone-shot video of the operation that it said was taken at the hospital by CNN producer Tim Hume. The video clips show Gupta in surgical scrubs and, at one point, using a hand-operated drill on a patient.

The Global Press Journal first reported this week that according to the girl's family and doctors, Dahal was never operated on. Instead, it reported Gupta operated on a 14-year-old girl, Sandhya Chalise.

Gurung said Gupta was allowed inside the hospital by a Nepali surgeon because Gupta said he wanted to observe and was also a surgeon himself.

Dahal and her family said she was in the hospital for eight days with minor injuries and a broken wrist but did not have any surgery. She showed minor scars on her head. Her grandfather — 61-year-old Ram Bahadur — said her wounds needed only stitches after being injured by falling debris on April 25.


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