Nepal's Bir hospital, CNN differ on reported surgery during chaos after April earthquake

KATHMANDU: Nepal's Bir Hospital said that CNN medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta incorrectly reported that he operated on an eight-year-old girl after the country's devastating earthquake in April. A CNN spokeswoman said Gupta did perform surgery, and the news channel was trying to verify the patient's identity.

A top official at the Bir Hospital in Kathmandu, Dr. Ganesh Bahadur Gurung, said Friday that the girl, Salina Dahal, never had brain surgery and has recovered from minor head injuries.

Gupta, a practicing brain surgeon, reported days after the April 25 earthquake that he operated on Dahal. Gurung said Gupta did observe the surgery of another 14-year-old girl, but it was unclear whether he actually assisted Nepali doctors because of the chaotic situation.

Gupta did perform surgery at the hospital, CNN spokeswoman Neel Khairzada said Friday. She said apparently different people at the hospital had given conflicting information to two CNN representatives.


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