Nepal should take benefit from neighbours’ economic prosperity, says Dahal

KATHMANDU: CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that Nepal should take benefit from its neighbours' economic development.

Addressing a programme organised in Lalitpur today, Dahal said that he had forwarded the concept of trilateral cooperation among Nepal, China and India during his term as the Prime Minister for second time and expressed the belief that an environment conducive for the same is being created in this regard.

Speaking on a different note, the former Prime Minister said, "Left alliance has got around two-third majority. We are active to use this mandate for country's development and prosperity. People have a big expectation from left alliance and we will fulfill the expectation."

Stating that they were active to head the country towards the path of economic prosperity by establishing political stability, he said the era of good governance and development has begun and the responsibility of economic prosperity, good governance as well as carrying out activities in favour of the people has come upon the shoulder of left alliance.

He further said that there was no other goal of his party except leading the country towards the path of prosperity by taking all parties on board.