With an objective of keeping the publication rolling on, Nepalaya, the book publication house, has decided to release poems on online platform.

In a statement today, Nepalaya said it has reached an agreement with prominent laureate Shrawan Mukarung to collaborate on digital platform 'Nepalaya-E-Kavita.'

Laureate Mukarung, who will work as the Coordinator and Curator, will compile and recite all the literary work of new and old literatures, unpublished poems including his own creations on the new platform.

After paying specified charges, viewers can read and listen to poems recited by creators upon logging into the Nepalaya web page, reads the statement.

Mukurung will recite laureate Gopal Prasad Rimal's poem titled 'Aama' in honor and dedication of all mothers and seniors during the first episode of the E-Poem themed 'Aama' slated to release on Saturday, coinciding with the 'Mother's Day'.

Readers and viewers will have access free of charges to read and listen the poems during the first month, after registering their identification.

According to Nepalaya, free-access to literary poems will be reduced to one poem per month. However, anyone looking to read and listen all contents must have an annual subscription.

Poems uploaded in the E-Kavita would cost Rs15 per poem and Rs 525 for annual subscription. While, annual subscription for worldwide viewers is available at US $5.

All the contents are available at Nepalaya's official web page http://publicationnepalaya.com/ekavita/.