‘Nepali media still not gender-friendly’

Kathmandu, March 11

Nepali media is still has a lot to improve in terms of gender equality, according to a national report of Global Media Monitoring Project-2015.

The GMMP is a project of World Association for Christian Communication, which is supported by UN Women. The global report was released on November 23 while the national report was released on March 8 in Nepal.

According to evaluation of news in various print, broadcasting and online media during the research, it was found that women had very poor representation in news content and as news sources, news writers and presenters.

The national report prepared by Asmita Women’s Publishing House said only 13 per cent women were engaged in media, which is three per cent less than in 2010.

There are 21 per cent female reporters and 79 per cent male reporters in newspapers, and 33 per cent female reporters and 67 per cent male reporters in radio stations, it said.

Similarly, there are 22 per cent female and 78 per cent male television reporters in Nepal. The report states all the women engaged in media, 21 per cent women are involved in social and legal reporting while only 8 per cent women report on politics.

Similarly, 16 per cent women were quoted as news source in international news while only three per cent women in regional news.

Of the total women mentioned in the news, 527 (11 per cent) were government authorities, politicians, ministers, spokespersons and others.

Likewise, 147 (5 per cent) women were government employees and social workers and few women were doctors, criminals and others.

The report further said that of the total news bylines and newscast reports, 77 per cent bylines were of male while only 23 per cent bylines were of female.