New footage shows Pathak planned to flee

Kathmandu, February 20 posted a second exclusive video shot in a sting operation in which former Commissioner of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority Raj Narayan Pathak tells a person that if anybody went to the media against him, he would resign from his post and flee to India for six months to two years.

In the video, the person who carried out the sting operation tells Pathak that he had told him in the previous conversation that if a person (the name of the person has been edited out) said  that he received Rs 7.8 million bribe, then he would accept it.

Pathak is also heard saying that his brother took some money.  Pathak has been accused of receiving Rs 7.8 million bribe for settling cases that were being investigated by the anti-graft body.

The person who carried out the sting operation is also heard telling Pathak that he had recorded his conversation in the past.

Pathak resigned as the CIAA commissioner a few days ago after sting operation video appeared in the media.

The anti-graft body formed a probe committee yesterday to investigate allegation of corruption against Pathak.