New generation should learn about past glory, says PM Oli

Kathmandu February 11

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said new generation should be acquainted with the glorious history of the country.

Addressing the 70th Democracy Day Main Organising Committee meeting today, the PM said democracy ensured fostering a civilised society. He also said anarchy was not acceptable. Stressing the need to preserve positive aspects of Nepali culture, PM Oli urged all and sundry to duly respect the ancestors.

Speaking on Prithvi Narayan Shah’s role in the history of Nepal, PM Oli said, “During that period, brave warriors Kalu Pandey and his son Damodar Pandey were killed in the battlefield. Bhimsen Thapa’s throat was slit. We should not forget the country’s history that was created from the sweat and blood of great warriors,” he said.

Urging all not to ignore the country’s history and the contribution of ancestors, PM Oli said, “We are the descendants of scholars and brave warriors. So, let’s take pride in our history.” He also urged all to celebrate the Democracy Day on February 19 by illuminating their homes with lights.