New law allows local levels to merge with one another

Kathmandu, November 2

The Local Government Operation Act, 2017 recently passed by the Parliament allows the local levels to make alteration in the number and boundary of wards as required.

As per Section 6 of the act, local levels will be allowed to revise the number and four-corner boundary of wards on the basis of population and population distribution, geographical continuity and compatibility; linguistic, cultural and social specialty; condition and accessibility of distribution of service and facilities; and existing physical infrastructure.

“The decision to this effect shall be passed by two-thirds majority of the total member of concerned village assembly or municipal assembly,” the act states. The decision passed by the village or municipal assembly shall be sent to the Government of Nepal through the concerned provincial government. “The government shall grant approval to the decision of village or municipal assembly within six months,” the act states.

If any rural municipality or municipality is to revise the number and boundary of a ward, it shall be done at least one year before the local level polls. Similarly, the act also empowers the local levels to rework on the centre of any ward in consultation with the ward committee. “Two-thirds majority of the village assembly or municipal assembly may pass the resolution on the proposed ward centre,” the act states.

While changing the ward centre, the concerned rural municipality or municipality shall make arrangements of necessary physical infrastructure from its own resources. The Government of Nepal may incorporate any ward of a rural municipality or municipality into a bordering rural municipality or municipality under this act.

This law also allows a local level to merge into another local level situated in the same district through a decision of majority vote in the concerned village or municipal assembly. “The decision of merger between two or more local levels shall come into effect from the next election. The newly established local level upon merger shall enjoy additional grants from the government,” the act states.

Provincial government may declare any local level or an area situated within its boundary as a tourist or

culture centre to promote tourism.