New procedure seeks preparation of rural, urban profile

Kathmandu, January 23

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has developed and approved the Rural/Urban Profile Preparation Procedure to help the local levels maintain uniformity in collection, processing and analysis of data and information, and formulate data-based development plans by preparing profile of the concerned local level.

According to Development Assistance Coordination Section of the MoFAGA, the profile so prepared on the basis of rural/urban profile may also be used for making scientific decision regarding development activities. The MoFAGA has developed a special software to collect and analyse data and information in accordance with this procedure.

Schedule-8 of the constitution has vested the power to collect local data and records of all aspects, including unemployment, in the local levels. Similarly, the Local Government Operation Act entrusts the local levels with collecting and managing local data and records.

“It is impossible to formulate development policies without evidences in today’s world. Basic and primary data come as prerequisites for this purpose. Similarly, fragmented and updated data are necessary for the formulation of long-term, annual, sectoral and strategic plan of rural municipalities and municipalities,” states a press release issued by the MoFAGA.

It is based on the use of modern technology, application and online system which aspires to minimise the cost of data collection and analysis to prepare rural/urban profile.

According to the MoFAGA, this procedure will be the main basis for formulation of development plans and provides baseline information in a simple and easy manner.

Profile refers to a document that gives a clear picture of population, geographical feature s, social characteristics, natural resources, economic condition and development status of a local level through basic data, indicators and baseline information.

As per the procedure, each local level will have to compete the preparation of profile in seven stages in a systematic and participatory manner. The first stage includes approval of format, tools and method, and the second stage will involve approval of profile preparation symposium and action plan.

In the third stage, the local level will conduct survey and collect data. Data analysis, presentation and preparation of resource maps take place in the fourth stage.

The fifth and six stages deal with preparation of draft profile and its authentication respectively. Preparation and publication of profile will take place in the seventh or final stage.