Newari poetry meet held at Dharahara

Kathmandu, November 1:

Around 50 people today recited poems and sang songs in Newari language at a Poetry Symposium organised by Daboo — an organisation formed by Newari youths to promote their art, culture and literature — to mark the Nepali Sambat new year 1126, that begins tomorrow.

The poems and songs presented in a programme at Dharahara were on various themes. Daboo organises such programmes only at places of historical importance. On the occasion, member of the Raj Parishad Standing Committee Hit Bir Singh Kansakar appreciated the changes brought in among the youths by the newly-established organisation and urged it to continue with its good work.

The participating litterateurs included Pratisara Sayami, Siddhartha Shakya, Hikmat Bahadur Mali, Sur Bahadur Shrestha and Govinda Hyumat, among others. The Shrestha Samaj presented a token of appreciation to a blind Newar girl who recited a poem at the function.

Established some four months ago, Daboo does not have any president or general secretary. “Unlike all other organisations, we do not have chiefs. All we have in the organisation are us, the members,” said Pranaya Pasa, who was chairing today’s symposium. Shailesh Shakya, a member of the organisation, had coordinated the symposium today.