NFC bringing in 4,000 he-goats to the Valley

Kathmandu, September 25:

With a view to making mutton available at a cheaper rate during Dashain, the Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) is preparing to bring in around 4,000 he-goats to the Kathmandu Valley from other parts of the nation.

The Bagmati Zonal Office of the NFC will bring in he-goats from Dang and Nepalgunj and sell

them to consumers at a price of about Rs 190 per kg.

Currently, one kg of mutton costs around Rs 220 in the market and the price is expected to go up during Dashain and Tihar festivals.

Ram Kumar Khadka, contractor at the Tukucha Kashi Bazaar, said the price per kg of mutton is likely to exceed Rs 250 in a few days.

“The price will spiral if the demand is high and supply low.”

Purna Sanker Bashi, manager of the NFC’s Bagmati zonal office, said,”4,000 goats will not meet the market demand, but will help stabilise the price of mutton.” In the past, the NFC used to bring in goats from Lahan and Janakpur. “Due to floods in the eastern region and frequent strikes, we have no option except to bring in goats from the west,” said Komal Prasad Poudel, NFC’s administration officer.

According to him, around 599 goats have been brought to the capital. They hold be sold from October 29. Poudel said goat traders exploit consumers and make hefty profit. To check this unscrupulous practice, the NFC has been bringing in goats to the valley from different parts of the nation, he said. The NFC imported and sold 2,200 goats in the capital last year, he said.

Tukucha, Balkhu and Bijulibazaar are major markets where goats are sold. During Dashain, 16 regular traders and 130 retailers sell goats in Tukucha. Khadka said Dashain market would begin after a week.