NHRC urges govt to ensure right to property during road expansion

KATHMANDU: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) urged the government to monitor the breach of locals’ right to property during the ongoing Kathmandu road expansion.

Some locals of the Kathmandu Valley have filed a complaint at the NHRC stating that their right to property has been breached by the ‘unilateral’ expansion of the roads, the constitutional rights watchdog informed in a statement today.

The locals reportedly stated that the roads are being expanded against the Supreme Court’s order issued on December 17 last year which had urged the government to ensure their dignity and right to shelter.

According to the SC’s order, the NHRC said, the houses should not be haphazardly demolished to expand the roads without paying compensation to the house owners as per the law.

In the statement, the NHRC has also requested the government to comply with legal procedures for road expansion in order to ensure the fundamental human rights of the people.

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— NHRC Nepal (@NepalNHRC) June 9, 2016