Health services, excluding emergency, to stay shut tomorrow

KATHMANDU: In solidarity with demands put forth by medical activist Dr Govinda KC for medical education reform in Nepal, Nepal Medical Association has called for a shutdown of health services, other than emergency cases, tomorrow.

All government and private teaching hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other medical practice units will halt services on Thursday.

The government has failed to address Dr KC's demands which are in line with the suggestions forwarded by a team of experts formed by government itself. It would be unfortunate if Dr KC loses his life over this, NMA said.

The Association released a statement today stating that the one-day shut down of medical services aims to attract government's attention towards the voices of medicine and health practitioners across the country.

However, many people, although sympathetic towards the demands of Dr KC, have condemned the Association's move to call for a strike.

A medical professional stated, "I wonder why the NMA does not call for a strike immediately after Dr Govinda KC announces fresh fast-unto-death strike. What could be the reason behind them waiting several days, weeks rather, before stepping up and showing solidarity?"

The NMA says that if the government does not exhibit any sensitivity towards the current case, health practitioners may have to resort to an indefinite strike. "The onus of any untoward incident during the strike period will be on the government."

Moreover, the Association has also announced plans to gather at Maitighar Mandala at 1:00 pm tomorrow to mount pressure on the government.