NNBEA concerned about police action on night business

KATHMANDU; The Nepal Night Business Entrepreneur Association (NNBEA) today expressed serious concerns over frequent police intervention on night businesses and their owners, who it said were pillars of internal tourism.

NNBEA’s remark follows March 17 and 19 police raid on X-Bar and Babylon Disco.

The police deployed by Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka and Jansewa Police had made more than 300 arrests including the entrepreneurs and customers during the raid.

Organising a press meet in the capital, Samir Gurung, president, NNBEA said that the night business was under constant threat as the police administration failed to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff’.

“We don’t say we’re hundred per cent clean, but

it is up to the government to take action against dance bars and discotheques failing to abide by

a minimum system of moral values.

We’re ready to cooperate with the government in this regards,” he argued. “So why do they make trouble?”

Subas Limbu, spokesperson, NNBEA and owner of Babylon

Disco, said that ‘illegal and self-oriented action of

police administration’

has rendered the night business on the verge

of collapse.

“It is unjust to persecute owners of discos and dance bars as they are also contributing to the national economy.

We are registered industries under existing laws and we are the taxpayers,” he argued.

Limbu also informed that Babylon Disco has shut the Friday bunker’s party after the March

19 raid.

The police had arrested 256 college students

in uniform for allegedly indulging in ‘immoral

activities’ from the Babylon disco.

They were released and handed over to their guardians later in the day. Babylon had been organising the bunker’s party every Friday for last five years.

“College students frequently request us to provide them with space, theatre and music system for their birthday party and other occasion.

We don’t invite and organise the party. They have rights to enjoy in a descent way,” he said.

The NNBEA spokesperson Limbu, who was detained last week and charged under Some Public Offenses Act, was released on a bail of Rs 28,000 yesterday.