No headway in govt-Tamsaling talks

KATHMANDU: The third round of talks held between the government and the Tamsaling Joint Struggle Committee ended inconclusively today.

The government talks team coordinated by Peace and Reconstruction Minister Rakam Chemjong could not agree on one of the principal demands of the TJSC. Both the sides have agreed to meet again on Monday. One of the principal demands of the agitating group is to convert the existing Logistics and Support Gan of Nepali Army into a full-fledged infantry within the national force.

Formerly, the Gan was known as Pipa Goshwara, whose task was to ferry goods required by the NA personnel. The struggle committee believes that the wing, created in the national force, was a humiliation of a certain community. Most of the personnel recruited to the Logistics Support Gan were from the Tamang community. “The government appears to be reluctant to address our genuine demand of converting the Gan into a full-fledged infantry,” said Suryaman Dong, Maoist CA member and TJSC activist after the meeting with Minister Chemjong. Dong said the struggle committee had given the government Monday’s ultimatum to have a clear stance on the issue.

“If our demand is not addressed by Monday, we will resort to an indefinite shutdown of the Tamsaling region and Kathmandu valley,” said Dong.