No new COVID-19 case reported: Health ministry


A total of 87 suspected COVID-19 patients are being kept in the isolation wards of various hospitals across the country.

According to the health ministry, there are 10 patients in the isolation ward of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku, and 77 others in hospitals of different provinces.

Addressing mediapersons Dr Bikash Devkota, spokesperson at the Ministry of Health and Population said contact tracing of those two infected with COV- ID-19 has been completed.

“Contact tracing of other two COVID-19 patients is on. We have completed 80 per cent of contract tracing of those two infected patients,” he said.

Meanwhile, samples of the patients, who died in Patan and Bir Hospital yesterday tested negative for COVID-19, according to the health ministry. The ministry also said no new cases of coronavirus were reported from across the country today.

Dr Devkota also said private hospitals should take patients in. “Anyone suffering from fever doesn’t mean s/he has coronavirus infection. Fever is also a symptom of other diseases. Private hospitals should treat patients with all kinds of symptoms,” said Dr Devkota.

The ministry also said farmers could work in their fields by maintaining social distance.

“People can do any type of work.

But, they must maintain proper distance,” said Consultant for the Health Ministry Dr Khem Bahadur Karki during media briefing.

The ministry has also advised health workers to use personal protective equipment. Each province has around 1,300 to 2,500 personal protective equipment, according to the ministry.

COVID-19 call centres have responded to a total of 1,806 calls in the last 24 hours.

Patan Hospital has been asked to share information, report and communicate with health experts from neighbouring countries on COVID-19.