No parliamentary system, we want directly elected prez: PM

KATHMANDU: Conceding that his party was yet to accept the multiparty parliamentary system, Prime Minister and CPN Maoist Centre Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said the nation should have adopted the directly elected executive presidential system.

Addressing a closed session of the unity convention of Press Centre Nepal, the organisation of journalists close to the Maoist party, in Kathmandu on Friday, PM Dahal made it clear that the Maoist Centre had compromised with the parliamentary system only for the sake of its responsibility towards the country's transitional phase and the Constitution.

Claiming that the party had a clear vision, Dahal further said that the party was moving ahead in line of the 13-point agreement forged between 10 Maoist parties and factions while they united into the CPN MC on May 20.

Meanwhile, the PM said his government was committed to working for the poor.

"The government wants to work for the poor" said Dahal, further adding that the government had put education, health, food security and employment of the people living below the poverty line on its priority list.

Likewise, the party's spokesperson Pampha Bhusal said that the party was for working journalists and suggested them to work for people.