Norvic Hospital refutes rumours of hiding COVID-19 cases

KATHMANDU: Norvic International Hospital today released a statement refuting unfounded rumours doing rounds on social media regarding eight COVID-19 patients getting treated at the hospital.

Audiotapes claiming that eight people who have tested positive for the coronavirus infection had been admitted to the hospital were found rotating on social media from early on Saturday.

The hospital has categorically denied the rumour and has demanded that action be taken against such rumour mongers.

At a time when panic surrounding the spread of COVID-19 is at a high, such baseless hearsay are making way, especially through social media, through unreliable sources on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Nepal Police has informed that there is no truth in the rumour and that they have already initiated an investigation into the audio clip which is circulating.

Nepal Police further informed that such of activities are liable for punishment. As per the Criminal Code, 2074 BS, people who disrupt peace and order in public can be imprisoned for one year, or fined Rs 10,000, or both. In case of the use of electronic media in disrupting public peace, those found guilty will be liable for further action..