Norwegian embassy, UNICEF partner to help kids with functional limitations

Kathmandu, November 28

The Royal Norwegian Embassy and UNICEF have entered into a partnership to improve the situation of children with functional limitations with the aim of strengthening inclusive education in Nepal.

At a programme held here today, Norwegian Ambassador Lasse Bjørn Johannessen and UNICEF Representative to Nepal Tomoo Hozumi signed the partnership agreement. As part of the partnership, the embassy will provide 25 million Norwegian Kronerv (nearly US $3 million) to UNICEF over the next three years.

The partnership will support the collection of national-level data on difficulties faced by children in performing certain activities. The data will help identify children with functional limitations and compare the levels of their participation within their education, social and family life. It will also help in measuring to what extent children are socially included; and will be used for monitoring the situation of children with disabilities and thus support local, provincial and federal tiers of government’s planning for implementation of inclusive education, said a press release issued by the embassy and UNICEF.

Johannessen said, “Improving data on disability and services provided to children with functional limitations is an urgent priority in Nepal. Knowledge and awareness raised on the situation faced by children with functional limitations will allow us to take concrete actions to address them, improving access to education and leading to a stronger, more inclusive and prosperous Nepal.”

The partnership will be supporting UNICEF’s work in promoting inclusive education for children with disabilities through a variety of ways, including using early detection methods and screening of kids with disabilities.