Novel plan to ease traffic in city

Kathmandu, August 17:

The Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) is all set to launch a special traffic programme from Sunday in eight major intersections where vehicular congestion is rampant.

“We are going to launch a special traffic project at Ratnapark, Jamal, New Baneshwor Chowk, Kotes-hwor Chowk, Narayangopal Chowk, Kalimati Chowk, Kalanki Chowk and Chabahil Chowk,” a joint-commissioner at the MPCD, Special Superintendent of Police Bhishma Prasai, said at a press conference organised at the MPCD, Ramshahpath.

“This is a just a pilot project. We can replicate the project in other busy intersections in the city if it sees success,” he said.

Prasai said that City Police personnel of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City will be mobilised to clear footpaths, which are generally obstructed by vendors.

Apart from that, 150 civil volunteers and student volunteers from several schools in the localities will also be mobilised to ease traffic congestion in the intersections across the city.

There will be a mike and a loudspeaker in every intersection to inform people and drivers about the traffic rules.

“I have directed all police offices based near the intersections to help ease vehicular congestion,” he further said. According to him, narrow roads and excessive number of vehicles are mainly to blame for traffic jams in the valley.

“I have repeatedly asked the bodies concerned to develop road infrastructure and ease traffic congestion in the fast growing Kathmandu city.”

Increasing number of vehicles, narrow roads coupled with reckless driving and encroachment of roads and footpaths have made traffic congestion a everyday affair in the capital city.