Now, Danwar community folk have toilets

Lalitpur, August 11:

All the 80 houses of the Danwar community in the Dukuchap VDC in Lalitpur, 15 km west of Lagankhel, have constructed toilets in their homes, thanks to the efforts of various NGOs in recognising their necessity for sanitation.

The toilet construction campaign launched in the VDC’s ward no 5 two years ago by the Green Society has helped improve the health status and solve various health-related problems faced by the community’s members.

Every household in the community with underprivileged and poor status and around 500 Danuwar folk has built toilets. Saroj Danuwar, a local health worker, said that the health status of the villagers of 80 houses has improved. “At this time, the village is free from diarrhoea, dysentery and other diseases.”

Another local Sanu Sunwar, 22, said that they do not have to go out in the fields for toilets.

“Young girls like us were embarrassed while excreting in the open areas; it was a horrifying experience,” she said.

“At first, people disagreed to construct toilets due to their financial crunch. But later families themselves initiated to built toilets,” said Chamsuri Danuwar, president of the Sachetana Mahila Samuha (SMS). Tulsi Ram Dangol, principal of the Chandeshwori Primary School, said the Danuwar village has been an example for other villages too.

With the initiative of the SMS, the Green Society and the Embassy of Australia supported in the construction of the toilets in the community.