NP seeks to supervise cops in provinces

Kathmandu, July 21

Nepal Police has suggested that a provision be made to constitute Federal Nepal Police in a manner that confers power on it to coordinate the ‘Provincial Nepal Police’.

Article 263(2) of the preliminary draft of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 states that ‘there shall be separate police organisation in each pradesh’.

The draft constitution, which envisages eight pradeshes with names and boundaries to be decided later, has now been made public for collecting feedback from people and stakeholders.

According to a package of suggestions on the draft constitution submitted to Constituent Assembly Chairman Subas Chandra Nembang by Inspector General of Police Upendra Kant Aryal on behalf of Nepal Police, the CA should provision Provincial Nepal Police in place of independent Provincial Police.

“It is suggested that there should be Provincial Nepal Police, not Provincial Police in each Pradesh in a manner that they will be coordinated and supervised by Federal Nepal Police as the concept of independent police organisations is likely to cause difficulty in maintaining relations and coordinating with each other,” a senior official at Nepal Police said.

Nepal Police has also suggested that the term ‘Police’ be omitted from Armed Police Force and the name of the paramilitary force be changed in accordance with its nature of functions, duties and powers as the general public often confuse Armed Police Force for Nepal Police.

Despite the existence of separate police force in each Pradesh, the Federal Government will have Nepal Police, the Armed Police Force and National Intelligence and Investigation Organisation, according to the draft.

“Other provisions relating to Nepal Police, the Armed Police Force and National Intelligence and Investigation Organisation shall be as per federal laws,” Article 263(3) reads.

In relation to the policy to be adopted by the state to maintain national unity and national security, arrangement of peace and security will be made by developing national security system, it further said.