NPI drafts policy-level recommendations on migrant workers

KATHMANDU: Nepal Policy Institute (NPI) has recommended immediate as well as long term policies to address the adversities faced by migrant workers, to the Government of Nepal.

NPI's Chair Khagendra Dhakal has listed 13 recommendations, of which, according to the Institute, government's top priority should be to ensure return of all stranded Nepali migrant workers, daily wage earners and other Nepalis at loss due to coronavirus outbreak. "Evacuate all stranded Nepali workers to safe places on the basis of individual’s needs and urgency of the situation, and organize repatriation in safety and dignity upon an assessment of mental, physical and health conditions," the Institute said in a statement.

Furthermore, it also stressed on the need for a plan for post-return livelihood activities and empowerment of Nepali missions abroad -- especially in Malaysia and Gulf countries -- by utilising foreign employment fund, centrally collected from the migrant workers.

Read the full statement here

The Institute also calls for financial support to micro, small and medium enterprises, including farmers and producers who are facing disruptions from extended lockdown and its impact in supply chain process, while also preventing domestic violence, social discrimination, physical and psychological abuses and sexual assault during the time of crisis.

NPI is a Netherlands based global Nepali diaspora think-tank and knowledge platform.