NSN makes public advertising expenses

Kathmandu, June 11

Extensive advertising by Naya Shakti Nepal to be formally announced tomorrow afternoon here at Dasharath Stadium has raised a few eyebrows. NSN today tried to clarify its sources of income and expenditure.

Issuing a press statement in the capital today, party spokesperson Khimlal Devkota claimed that NSN has estimated an expenditure of Rs 10.5 million for advertising while the party would collect Rs 17.66 million from different sources, mostly from the party leaders and cadres. Leader Mumaram Khanal further clarified that all online news portals had published the party’s advertisements for free, while other mainstream media had supported the party by publishing the commercials in a much discounted rate.

According to the statement, as many as 114,546 people have already applied from Nepal and abroad for the party membership and the cost of the programme to make formal announcement of party formation was set at Rs 2 million.

Three documents would be floated for discussion among around 1,500 delegates during the party’s closed session.