NSU demonstrates in support of Dr KC

KATHMANDU: Nepal Students Union organised a demonstration, demanding the protection of Dr Govinda KC's life, in Kathmandu today.

The NSU organised a rally from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwor, demanding that government implement the report of the Mathema committee to address the demands put forth by agitating Dr KC.

On the occasion, NSU Chairman Nainsingh Mahar said they opted for protest because the government violated citizens' rights.

As the NSU cadres tried to breach the prohibitory zone in New Baneshwor, a clash ensued with the police. Nearly a dozen of NSU cadres were injured in the clash.

Meanwhile, Naya Shakti Nepal also staged the demonstration at Maitighar Mandala, demanding that the government begin the fiscal year from Baisakh, end asare bikas, cancel prohibitory zone, guarantee fundamental rights, and preserve culture and heritages.

At the demonstration, Nayashakti Nepal leader Hishila Yami accused the government of fueling corruption and imposing price hike. She further blamed the government of trading education and health sector at the force of two-thirds majority.