Number of people leaving capital in dashain increases

Kathmandu, October 3:

The number of people leaving the capital during the Vijaya Dashami this year has increased significantly in compared to the previous years. The changed political scenario and gradual improvement in the state of law and order are found to be the main reason behind the increase in the number of people going back to their homes for the grand festival.

Not only the people who are here in course of employment and education, but people compelled to take shelter in the capital due to the Maoist and other problems have also gone back home this time to observe the festival.

“I have left for home as loktantra has been established in the country and with the objective of meeting old friends and urging them to support in consolidating it”, said 22-year-old Hari Kumar of Bijaura-5, Dang. He had not been able to go to his home for the past three years due to the Maoist problem.

The overwhelming rise in the number of people leaving Kathmandu could also be witnessed by the number of passenger-buses leaving the capital to various destinations across the country. Apart from the full-house seats, passengers could also been seen standing or sitting on stools in order to reach back home on time for the big festival.

A total of 480 day-buses carried 24,580 passengers to various destination on Fulpati, the day when all Government offices closed down for the festival.

Likewise, 210 night-buses carried 8,950 passengers out of Kathmandu.

According to information received from the temporary police post at Naagdhunga, another 785 people left the capital on the day in 6,956 light vehicles also including 585 micro-bus and 215 private car.

There were also a significant number of people travelling in truck, tanker, motorcycle and ambulance.

The number of vehicles and passengers leaving Kathmandu on Mahaasthami was also similar to that of the previous day, said Chief of the Post, Sub-Inspector Jeevan Gurung.

Sub-Inspector Gurung, who has been on “highway duty’’ for the past six years, said he felt that the number of people going home for Vijaya Dashami this year was three times more than the previous year.

Likewise, the number of people taking the aerial route to go home for the big festival is also reported to have increased. Every airlines company providing domestic services has doubled their services in the past 10 to 15 days, with all flights going with full-capacity.

The national flag carrier, Nepal Airlines Corporation has been focusing more on serving the people in the remote areas of the country, where road transportation is minimal.

Private airlines including Buddha, Cosmic, Sita, Yeti, Agni, Gorkha airlines have also doubled their services considering the pressure of air passengers.