Nurses dissatisfied with MoHP proposed new health structure

Kathmandu, January 28

Nurses have expressed dissatisfaction with the new health structure proposed by the Ministry of Health and Population.

Nurses are not happy especially with the provision for adjustment of nurses in provincial and local levels.

Director of Nursing and Social Security Division Roshani Tui Tui said the Ministry of Health and Population had scrapped the 11th level post of nurse at the Ministry of Health and it had scrapped all the posts of general nurses at the Province Health Directorate and Province Health Training centres.

“There used to be nursing administrator in the ninth level, a general nurse and a community nurse at Province Health Directorate. But the post of general nurse has been removed at PHD,” said Tui Tui.

“The government is demotivating nurses,” said Tara Pokharel, president of Nursing Association of Nepal. “Though we have been requesting the government for long to properly adjust nurses in the health structure, it has ignored our request,” added Pokharel.