One Nepali, One Fruit Tree 2075

KATHMANDU: In his World Environment Day video message posted early in the morning today, Prime Minster KP Sharma Oli urged all citizens to plant a tree of their favourite fruit wherever possible.

"Sisters and brothers, I encourage you all to make our villages, hills, plains greener by planting trees of fruits that you prefer," Oli is heard as saying in the video-message.

The Prime Minister stated that this initiative could be a major link for the government to work towards economic and social tranformation with its motto Sambriddha Nepal, Sukhi Nepali (Prosper Nepal, Happy Nepali)

He also added that he is going to plant trees of his favourite fruits - Lychee and Avocado - in Singha Durbar premises today.

Following PM Oli's message, the government disseminated a customised message  'Ek Nepali Ek Phalphool ko Biruwa 2075' (One Nepali, One Fruit-Tree 2075) to users of Nepal Telecom through SMS.

Government of Nepal is observing World Environment Day today with various programmes.

The Prime Minister later, along with a few members of his cabinet, planted lychee, avocado saplings at Singha Durbar.