Orphanage gets computers with Internet

Kathmandu, July 28

Vijyaya Dewan Gurung, a California-certified teacher in Los Angeles for more than 15 years, has donated two computers worth Rs 70,000 to Nepal Maitri Baal Orphanage in Goldhunga. While handing over the computers, Gurung said she would also pay monthly Internet charge of Rs 1,500 for the orphanage.

The orphanage has 36 children, aged five to 18 years, of which, 20 are differently-abled. Gurung said that she would also teach the children via Skype from Los Angeles. “The children will be tutored online and they will learn Internet as well as other technologies.”

She added that a computer lab would be established in the orphanage with seven more computers by next year. Besides, tables, chairs, book shelves, and projector will also be provided, she added.

Gurung’s students in Los Angeles will interact with the children at the orphanage to learn about the condition of Nepali children in the aftermath of the April 25 earthquake. Children in the orphanage will also get an exposure to education, behaviour, studies, languages and dialects through interaction with the foreign students via Skype, she said, adding she would also involve her colleagues in the interaction during the weekends. “Internet connection will make it possible for me and my colleagues to provide academic instructions and career counselling to older kids via Skype during weekends,” she said.