Over 11,000 teachers yet to submit property details

Kathmandu, December 30

More than 11,000 permanent teachers of community schools across the country have yet to submit their property details.

As per existing laws, the teachers should submit their property details to School Teacher Record Office though the district education offices within 60 days after completion of each fiscal year. But even five months into the new fiscal year, as many as 11,311 teachers have yet to submit their property details.

The STRO has sent the list of teachers not submitting their property details to National Vigilance Centre, which will carry out an investigation and forward the cases to the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority for legal action.

Ramakanta Sharma, deputy director, STRO, today said the CIAA could fine each teacher up to Rs 5,000 as penalty. He said there are 107,853 posts of permanent teachers from primary level to secondary level in more than 35,000 community schools across the country.

“Teachers who have not submitted their property details are from all 75 districts,” he said adding, “A majority of such teachers are from Saptari district.”He said that out of total 1,807 posts of permanent teachers in the Saptari district, 1,196 have not submitted their property details. Similarly, Manang district has the least number of teachers who have yet to submit their property details. Of 192 teachers, 11 have not yet submitted details, said Sharma.

Likewise, of 3,335 teachers in Kathmandu district, 337 teachers have not submitted their property details. Sharma stated that they have already sent circular to the respective DEOs to send the property details of teachers.