‘Paanch-minute’ video encouraging gender equality launched in Lalitpur

Lalitpur, June 5

Paanch minute, a five-minute length videos programme on gender equality, was launched, with the screening of its first episode amid a function in Lalitpur, today.

The videos were produced to break gender stereotypes, by changing the conventional mindset of people in society with regard to gender roles.

“In these short videos, the male characters do household works considered the work of females,” said Satish Jung Shahi of Antenna Foundation Nepal, the video making organisation.

There would be a total of 39 video episodes and in each video, there would be male characters with the roles to be played by renowned  singers, artists, sportsmen, media persons, sending the message that gender discrimination should end for social development, he added.

Nepali singers Hemant Sharma, Kamal Khatri, Pramod Kharel, Dharmendra Sewan and Bijay Lama are  featured in the first episode, with senior media personality and singer Rajendra Prasad Sharma presenting the reality show game-styled programme.

Viewers can watch the Paanch Minute videos, a joint production of AFN and Free Press Unlimited, on AFN’s Facebook page and YouTube Channel, he informed.