Pariyatti Buddhist Debate Contest held in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: The 30th Pariyatti Debate Contest was held on Saturday between eight learning centres in Kathmandu that impart Buddhist teachings and philosophy.

Rija Maharjan from Jagat Sundar Pariyatti Centre at Lakhutirtha in Kathmandu emerged victorious in an argument over the subject of the importance of mother and father.

Tirisha Shakya of Shakyasingh Pariyatti and Praudh School, Lalitpur and Purnima Shakya from Nakabahil Buddhist Pariyatti Centre were declared first and second-runners up. They spoke on materialism and parents' importance.

On the occasion, Monk, Bodhigyan, and Pariyatti Debate Contest Board's Chief Patron, Motilal Shilpakar, handed over certificates and cash prizes to the winners. The debate contest was held by Yuva Buddhist Group, Kathmandu while the next competition will be held by Dipawati Buddhist Pariyatti Centre, Lalitpur.

The Pariyatti debate contests have been held since 2009 to develop interest in Buddha's teachings and enhance leadership qualities.