Parliament approves proposal seeking consideration on two bills

KATHMANDU: The House meeting held on Thursday unanimously passed the proposal tabled seeking considerations on Rajarshi Janak University Bill-2071 BS.

Minister for Education Dhaniram Poudel had tabled the proposal in the meeting.

The bill was stranded in the parliament for long.

Presenting the bill, Minister Poudel informed that the government had tabled the bill as per the provision of establishing at least a single university in each seven province. It is noted that the bill related to Open University is in progress for the implementation.

Similarly, lawmakers Ganesh Man Gurung and Prem Suwal also urged the government to forward the process to establish the Khwop University in Bhaktapur.

Lawmakers including Ananda Dhungana, Shiv Chandra Chaudhary, Nisha Kumari Sah, and Geeta Kshetri among others stressed on producing marketable manpower from the proposed university.

Likewise, Minister for Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Hridaya Ram Thani had presented the Cooperative Bill-2072 BS urging to send it to the concerned committee for clause wise discussions. The bill was unanimously passed.

Moreover, Environment Preservation Committee chair Janakraj Chaudhary had submitted the report regarding the Forest (second amendment) Bill and Minister for Population and Environment Jaydev Joshi presented the Climate Change Paris Agreements in the parliament.