Parliamentary PR poll results in two days

Kathmandu, December 25

The Election Commission said that it has been trying its best to unveil the result of the parliamentary proportional representation election soon.

EC spokesperson Navaraj Dhakal said the poll panel has been working even during holidays to complete the seat allocation of parliamentary PR elections. “We will unveil the result of Parliamentary PR elections as soon as possible,” said Dhakal. He said that the PR unit under the EC will complete the Parliamentary PR seats allocations within the next two days.

According to Spokesperson Dhakal, the poll panel will unveil the number of seats won by the parties as per the PR votes they got in the elections once the seat allocations were completed. The election body had unveiled the result of provincial PR elections on Friday. The EC had given the report to the parties yesterday and asked them to submit their list of winning candidates within one week.

Dhakal said the EC would give additional three days, if the list submitted by the parties were found to be incorrect. The poll panel will give one week time to the parties to submit their list of winning parliamentary candidates and an additional three days if the list was found incorrect.

The poll panel will submit the report of both parliamentary first-past-the-post and PR elections to the president. Likewise, it has to submit report of the provincial first-past-the-post and PR elections to the governors of respective provinces.