Parties dwell on names, state demarcation


The major parties have begun discussions to finalise the demarcation of Pradeshes, but CPN-UML has been refusing to deviate from the 16-point agreement.

Vice-chairman of Unified CPN-Maoist Narayan Kaji Shrestha said his party has decided to conclude the names and demarcation of Pradeshes before finalising the constitution and will lobby for the same with Nepali Congress and CPN-UML.

Though all the parties were positive towards the proposal which UCPN-M and Madhes-based parties have been pushing since long and NC leaders have also started airing similar views lately, UML leaders suspect the NC is plotting to prolong its leading role in the government.

“NC seems more interested in finalising names and the borders of Pradeshes than any other party,” said UML Secretary Yogesh Bhattarai. “We are not for delaying the constitution but for moving ahead strictly as per the 16-point pact,” he added.

He said today’s UML standing committee decided that all other parties should also be convinced about the 16-point agreement of the four parties.

“The party is for promulgating constitution by July or the first week of August,” Bhattarai said, adding that the party has decided to suggest that the government bring the new budget by taking opposition parties, including UCPN-M into confidence.

UML has called its central committee meeting on July 26 to discuss political issues, besides the internal conflict that has dogged the party lately, especially due to the issues of ministers of two different factions.

Shrestha said after UCPN-M decided to try to convince NC and UML to complete the names and borders of Pradeshes yesterday, UCPN-M leaders held informal meetings with NC and UML leaders. “

Though there was no positive development regarding inclusion of names and border of Pradeshes, they have not objected to the proposal. They said they were ready for discussions,” Shrestha said. Shrestha said his party has been pressing other parties to finalise names of Pradeshes and their demarcations before promulgating the constitution.