Pashupati Bridhashram seeks to increase capacity

Kathmandu, August 24:

Social Welfare Centre (SWC)’s Pashupati Bridhashram (old age home), which has been providing shelter to 205 elderly people, has proposed the ministry of Woman, Children and Social Welfare to increase the quotas to 230 so that it can provide proper shelter to 25 more elderly citizens who are in waiting list.

The bridhashram is operated under the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare. Arjun Prasad Regmi, chief of the bridhashram, said, “The process to provide shelter to 25 more elderly people is in the progress.”

“We always used to have some people in the waiting list, but the list is getting bigger and bigger,” said Regmi. “It might be because of the publicity in the media that more elderly people are seeking shelter here.” The bridhashram is accommodating 230 people between the age of 65 to 102 years in 24 rooms and four halls. Each hall has 30 beds. Besides it also provides food and shelter free of cost.

“Though we are accommodating 230 people, the quota is only for 205. It is inconvenient to share all the services like distributing clothes during Dashain, as we have limited budget,” Regmi said.

The bridhashram has been allocated Rs 5.7 million for 2005/06, which includes development and administrative costs too. Though it was a rise from the previous years’ budget (Rs 5 million), it is far from sufficient, Regmi said.