Kathmandu, July 24:

Many patients had to face a tough time today as student unions enforced a transport strike, demanding implementation of 45 per cent discount provision for students on transport fares.

Deepak Shrestha said today was the worst day in his life. Protesters troubled him while bringing his sick wife from Thankot to Bir Hospital on a motorbike.

“My wife has been vomiting continuously since last night,” said Deepak.

“As even ambulances were not plying, I was compelled to take my wife to the hospital on a motorbike during bandh.”

He said, “We were not only interrupted at many places, but also questioned about our motive behind travelling,” he said.

“Traffic police could not take the situation under control and ease the plight of people like us,” Shrestha said.

The emergency room of the hospital was full of people who were furious because they had to face trouble on the way to the hospital.

Dam Bahadur Dulal of Dhading said he had to share an ambulance with another patient to bring her eight-year old unconscious daughter.

When a group of students stopped a taxi at Tri Chandra Campus for operating during bandh, nine months pregnant Poonam Jha gave up the idea of visiting the Kathmandu Model Hospital (KMH).

“Though the journey to the hospital was not a long one, it was really painful to walk in this state.”

Jha was rushed to the hospital from Balkhu after she got labour pain.

“I support the students’ demand for discount on transport fares, but they should have kept in mind the suffering of patients,” said Poonam, lying on the hospital bed. Dr Rahil Fraz at emergency ward of the Bir hospital said patients take risk during strikes to make it to the hospital.

Lakshman Dongol, in-charge of vehicles section of the Kathmandu Model Hospital, said, “With a limited number of vehicles, it is not possible to ferry all patients.”