People await aid to build toilets, says govt official

Kathmandu, September 7 :

People in the rural areas await incentives and support from organisations to build toilets for their use and refuse to build toilets at their own expenses, a government official said today.

“It is sad to learn that villagers await financial support from nongovernmental organisations to have their toilets built,” said Nawal Kishor Mishra, chief of the Sanitation Section at the Department of Water Supply and Sanitaion, speaking at a workshop organised here today by the Environment and Public Health Organisation.

“It is found that nearly 98 per cent people know the importance of making toilets in their homes but studies have revealed that only 39 per cent people do make toilets,” he said.

According to statistics, 81 per cent of the population has access to drinking water and 39 per cent have sanitation facilities in their homes.