Peoplespeak: Respect public sentiments

Himalayan News Service

Lalitpur, January 7:

As the government deadline of January 13 for the Maoists to come to the talks table nears, The Himlayan Times, continued with the survey to know the public’s point of view. In this connection, many more people came forward to express their views today. Some excerpts.

Dipak Sunar, silversmith:

Situation in Sindhupalchowk is deteriorating every day. We do not get any positive news. Talks should be held soon to resolve the crisis peacefully. The government, political parties and Maoists should respect the demands of the public and be serious in bringing positive results. Many like me, who have been displaced from their roots, have not visited their villages and family members for a long time due to security reasons. The peaceful resolution to the conflict will help us reunite with our loved ones.

Sharmila Byanjankar, housewife:

To work for peace, responsible bodies must be serious about peace talks. The responsibility lies in each one of us to improve the situation and save the nation from further deterioration. Political actors should question themselves whether their activities are benefitting anyone. Life is getting difficult each day. Soaring prices and insecurity are the main reasons. Therefore, peace talks is the only solution to the present crisis.

Rupak Kant Rajopadhyaya, service-holder:

Both the government and Maoists should unitedly bring peace to the country. Agitations at Ratna Park is not the solution. Political parties should act responsibly. The three political forces in the current scenario should be reduced to two and work unitedly for peace talks. Present stalemate has a negative impact on education, agriculture, industry, among others.

Krishna Prasad Dulal, teacher:

People’s willingness and decision is most powerful. Understanding people’s wish for peace, united efforts sho-uld be made to hold talks as soon as possible. The talks is the only solution and the only way to bring this country to the path of development. It is the need of the hour. Both the conflicting parties should understand this.

Ram Chandra Shrestha, retired employee:

Government’s efforts for peace are not enough. We have to shake them up. Pressure from society is necessary to bring peace. The whole nation is suffering while the capital is left secure. Many lives have been lost, the sufferers are Nepalis anyway. The resolution of present conflict is possible only through peace talks.

Krishna Bahadur Tamang, security guard:

If the responsible bodies were to understand the problems of the public, they would be united and make an effort to hold peace talks. The talks should be held as soon as possible. Essential services are limited to the capital, life outside the valley is becoming impossible.

Januka Sanjel, housewife:

Full preparation should be made to hold peace talks, keeping in mind the past failures. This war is taking us nowhere as we are killing ourselves. Many children have become orphans, many have lost their childhood and many women have become widowed. We wish for peace and everyone should unite in its favour.

Shanti Maharjan, self-employed:

The peace talks should be held as soon as possible. It’s high time the warring factions thought about the talks seriously. The government should make efforts to hold peace talks while the Maoists should respect public’s feelings and stop killings, abductions and torture.

Sukra Raj Sahi, student:

Unity among political parties is most important at his crucial juncture. And there is no alternative to peace talks. As every sector has been hampered, we must resolve this conflict which is possible only through serious and result-oriented negotiations.

Bal Ram Nyachchyonn, retired employee:

It’s high time the warring factions thought seriously about the nation and its people who are suffering at their hands. We have to make a condusive environment for the peace talks. This armed conflict cannot solve the problem. Everyone should realise that we are destroying our home. Myopic vision of higher-ups has brought us to this situation. Now long-term and serious plans should be formed to resolve the current crisis. And the only way out is to hold peace talks as soon as possible.

Mamata Sharma, student:

The conflict is hampering the education of students. Bandhs and strikes have a negative impact on the future of students as well as the nation. Bring peace so that everyone can do their business peacefully. I urge all the concerned parties to come to the table and work for positive results, at least for the sake of the younger generation.

Kulal Maharjan, grocer:

We need peace which will neither emerge from the ground or fall from the sky. Without peace talks, there is no way out of the present situation. The clarity of peace talks agenda is most important and should go with enough homework. This crisis is driving away the youth from our country. Without these pillars, how can we develop? Maoists, who claim that their revolution is for the people, should feel the pain of the people. Abductions and forced recruitment by the Maoists will not help them win the people’s war. They must convince the people with appropriate action so that the general public can respect them. And the military should also understand that this conflict cannot be resolved through militarisation and by terrorising people by brandishing their arms and ammunitions.