Photo exhibition held at Handigaun

Kathmandu, April 18:

On the occasion of the World Heritage Day-2008, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation in coordination with Bishalnagar Handigaun Heritage Society, Bishalnagar Library, Tourism Development Endeavours and Nepal Hertiage Society (NHS) today organised a two-day photo exhibition at Bhimsensthan, Handigaun.

The exhibition consists over 100 photos of historical and cultural heritage of Handigaun, a village that lies in Kathmandu Municipality Ward No-5. During the programme, speakers highlighted the need to establish a museum at Handigaun to preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Handigaun.

“It is important to preserve our history and traditional practices so that we can handover our history and culture to the next generation,” culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi said.

He also said that Handigaun is the only place in Kathmandu that has the oldest civilisation history. “The basics of a new Nepal is the identification of cultural heritage; therefore, if we can preserve our heritage in a museum, it would be supportive for the creation of a new Nepal,” he said, adding that a museum is necessary to display historical monuments and culture for the foreigners, which can be a good source of income.

Riddhibaba Pradhan from NHS said that the establishment of a museum was a must to preserve the historical artifacts found during excavation in Handigaun.

“Establishment of a museum would be the best idea to preserve such valuable property of the entire village,” she said.